What's happening in Maddi's world 2018


Exhibiting in November with AAF SINGAPORE


Started writing another book.


In January Madeleine Directed a short film with

72 Dragons Production film company.





Shenzhen City Art Fair December 8 - 10, 2017



In addition to the above venues Maddi will also be exhibiting in Penang

at the G Hotel Gurney's Art Gallery

during November & December 2016

and January 2017


 Maddi's artwork has been chosen by HABITU, a major Hong Kong Cafe chain, to decorate the sleeve of their 12oz takeaway cups.



hilst in Hong Kong recently Maddi was presented with the above placque and taken out for a wonderful

Chinese dinner by Lisa Wong and Daniel Cheung from "Hong Kong Harp Music"***********




 Asia Contemporary Art Show HONG Kong October 2015!




launch new_book


To Download a pdf copy of the above article Click Here


The D'Fine Magazine had a full feature on Madeleine as an Island Artist.


 View Article


DFine Cover

 DFine Article










Genius begins where rules end!


 Allow for mistakes, but are they mistakes?


Or are they unconscious moments of genius that you haven’t learnt to recognise?


Hi art lovers, Maddi "I Paint Music", apart from being displayed at the Brisbane Red Hill Gallery, exhibits internationally with her OMSA Gallery in Hong Kong through the Asia Contemporary Art Show.

See the OMSA Notice Board for exhibition details.



It was exciting to find out that one of Madeleine's paintings had been chosen to promote

 one of the ACAS Hong Kong Art Exhibitions in the prestigious International Herald Tribune.


int herald_tribune



Asia Contemporary Art Show Face Book Page

 acas 1

 acas 2



old pedroDuring these trips Maddi is accompanied by her longtime, faithful family retainer, Old Pedro. Amongst his myriad responsibilities are the provision of Cash, Cabs and Bubbles, wherever and whenever required, plus handling all the suitcases and the shopping bags that tend to breed like rabbits.

Old Pedro has advised me that once he feels he can no longer carry out all his various duties to Madam's satisfaction he intends to retire and write a book about his time in service.  The book's provisional working title will be “Gullible’s Travels”.  







For further information, or to purchase any of Madeleine's Motivational Books for Artists Click Here



Madeleine is proud to announce that she is represented by Red Hill Gallery in Brisbane.


Red Hill Gallery




A series of documentaries on various artists is currently showing on TV Australia wide on

Digital  74   4ME

 Maddi is one of the artists featured and that episode recently went to air on Sunday 4th Nov 2012 at 6.00 pm Brisbane time.

Colour in your life

To view the Documentary


Click Here


International Contemporary Artists Book Volume III (2011)

Featured International Artist Madeleine Ekeblad, Australia


int artist vol 3


International Contemporary Artists Book Volume II (2010)

Madeleine's work is on page 61 and featured on the back cover.


Dear Madeleine

I hope you're doing fine. The editing process of the book is over and the book is due to be published in the end of April.   I would like to inform you that your work "As the Sun Grows Warm and Birds Sing” was selected from the jurors' committee for the back cover of the book.   The jurors made their decision after reviewing the works of 286 selected artists that will be included in the second volume of the book.


As the Sun Grow Warm and Birds Sing



International Contemporary Artists Book Volume I (2009)

Madeleine is on page 133.   Dancer on the Beach

Dancer on the Beach 50x70 Ink  enamel 2










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